Maximizing Student-Athlete Impact Beyond The Game

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2024 NIL Summit Registration for student-athletes is now open!  Registration applications will be reviewed upon submission to ensure the eligibility requirements outlined below are met. Upon acceptance, we will notify you via email to confirm your attendance. The deadline for registration is Friday, June 7, 2024, unless capacity is reached prior. 


  1. Student-athletes must currently be enrolled (or committed to enroll) or a 2024 graduate.
  2. If your registration is approved, student-athletes can either pay the registration fee and related expenses, or request that their University pay the fee. 

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What costs are associated with a student-athlete's attendance?

The registration cost is $550 per student-athlete. All deposits made during early-bird registration will be credited towards the final registration cost. Institutions or students are also responsible for covering the cost of travel to and from Atlanta, as well as a 2-night stay at the Omni Atlanta Hotel at $275 per student-athlete. Student-athletes will be placed in a double occupancy room with another student-athlete, unless a single occupancy room is requested. The total cost for a 2-night stay at the OMNI Atlanta Hotel for a single occupancy room is $550.

As a part of the registration cost, ground transportation for guests will be provided to and from the airport and the Omni on Saturday, June 22 from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM and on June 24 from 12:30 PM – 5:00 PM. Guests arriving outside of these time blocks on June 22 and June 24 will be responsible for their own transportation.

For institutions with a service agreement with INFLCR for any team, the first student-athlete they register to attend the Summit shall have no registration cost. Institutions with an INFLCR agreement are responsible for hotel costs for their student-athlete(s). All student-athletes nominated for an individual NIL Award will receive complimentary admission to the Summit.

Are all student-athletes nominated by an institution guaranteed a spot?

So long as they meet all eligibility requirements, any student-athlete registered by an institution will be granted attendance at the Summit, on a space-available basis. Spaces will be allocated in the order that registration applications are received until event capacity is reached. A student-athlete’s spot is not guaranteed unless their institution has made a deposit on their behalf during early bird registration, or until their registration fee and/or hotel room booking is submitted thereafter.

Will only student-athletes who are Registered by their institution be allowed to attend?

There will be some student-athletes who attend the Summit that have been invited by other channels. For example, INFCLR and SANIL will register a select group of student-athletes who have shown exceptional creativity and initiative in the Name, Image and Likeness space. In addition, any student-athlete who is nominated for an NIL Award will also be invited to attend the Summit.

Can A student-Athlete Self Nominate?

Yes, a student-athlete may submit a registration application themselves to attend the Summit. student-athletes who are accepted will be responsible for their registration, hotel, and travel cost to the Summit.

Are recently graduated student-athletes allowed to attend? What about incoming freshmen?

Student-athletes who have exhausted their eligibility are not eligible to attend the Summit, unless they have been nominated for an NIL Award. Institutions may submit registration applications for incoming freshmen to attend.

Can The Costs Associated With A Student-Athlete’s Attendance Be Paid By Entities Outside The Institution?

Yes, a student-athlete may find other sources of payment to pay for registration and travel costs of attending the Summit. 

Are athletic administrators and coaches allowed to attend?

Yes! Athletic departments are encouraged to send administrators and coaches to attend the NIL Summit, which will feature a special track focused specifically on best practices for institutions and teams in the NIL space. Spots are currently limited to two (2) athletic department representatives (non-student-athletes), and admission is on a first-come, first-served basis. Institutions that send a full delegation of ten (10) student-athletes will be allowed to register an administrator or coach to attend the Summit at no cost. Depending on capacity, there may be additional opportunities to register athletic department representatives at a later date. 

What happens if a student-athlete I register can’t attend?

All institutional student-athlete and administrator registrations are transferable.

Are members of the general public allowed to attend the NIL Summit?

Unfortunately, due to limited capacity, attendance to the Summit is by invitation only. Brands interested in becoming a partner of the Summit can learn more here. Media members can apply for access here.

How Should Student-Athletes and Administrators Schedule Their Travel And Lodging:

Universities may book travel for any student-athlete(s) and administrators through their preferred means. Attendees should arrive in Atlanta by 4:00 PM est on Saturday, June 22 and depart after 12:30 pm est on Monday, June 24. Universities will be able to book rooms for their attendees at the Omni Atlanta at registration checkout. Ground transportation for guests will be provided to and from the airport and the Omni on Saturday, June 22 from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM and on June 24 from 12:30 PM – 5:00 PM. Guests arriving outside of these time blocks on June 22 and June 24 will be responsible for their own transportation.